Dear reader,

My name is Stacy and this is my first attempt at an ePortfolio, hopefully it goes well! This is my first term attending Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. Technically this is my first term attending any college, so that makes it an even bigger deal. Just a little information about myself, I graduated in 2014 from Waldport High School with a gigantically huge class of about 50 kids. Insane, I know. However I cannot imagine graduating from any other school. It is an amazing school for its size and made me who I am. If there’s anything that shaped me as well would definitely be reading. I have had a love for reading since the 7th grade when I decided to start reading Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Those who don’t read have no idea what they are missing.authorpic2

If you are someone that loves reading and have a particular series you haven’t read in some time do me a favor. Go find that series again and reread it! I decided to reread A Series of Unfortunate Events sophomore year of high school due to the insane amount of book reports my English teacher was having us do and it was a great decision on my part. I quickly realized that the books are actually quite hysterical, despite the title, and how much I missed the first time reading them. Even though I knew the ending it was still a rewarding experience. I recommend that series to anyone, Daniel Handler (which is Lemony Snicket’s real name. Let’s be real, no one should name their kid Lemony and be proud of that) is a wonderful author. His “picture” is above this text. I suppose I had always had a liking for reading before 7th grade, but that’s when it really took off. Unfortunately with all the school work and my job reading has become something at the bottom of my list for things to do. In high school I felt like I was a pretty decent writer when it came to making an essay and if I had any to share I would, but they are all on a USB flash drive that was destroyed horrifically by scented oils.


My goal at the moment is to find my calling, to find something I am passionate about and to be able to run great distances with it….

Unfortunately I am terrible at making decisions.



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