Academic Page of Importance

This, reader, is where I shall put the important stuff that I write. Whether or not these are good pieces of writing is up to you.

Mary Louise Pratt Rhetorical Analyse

This particular piece of work took a lot of thinking on my part and I am, at the moment, satisfied with it. However, I am proud that I finished it and that I am satisfied with what I have done. It is not me that I have to satisfy though… Not technically.

Pratt Research Discovery Draft

This is my discovery draft before the final paper of my Pratt Research Paper. This is merely me jutting down my ideas so it isn’t anything particularly amazing. Since my final paper must be at least 1200 words I decided to split my discovery draft into ten paragraphs that need to be 120 words each. Putting it that way makes it, for me, sound a little less intimidating and somewhat easier. By the time I reach the final draft I’ll be able to take each paragraph I have and see which ones I can push together so that my paper looks more put together. I am, however, not entirely sure if I am on the right track. The ideas that I have in my mind sound good to me, but that does not mean that they meet the requirements needed for the final draft to be a success.

Pratt Rhetorical Aim Final Paper

And here it is! My final paper! I’m actually quite pleased with this piece of work, I’m surprised at how easily it came to me in the end. I hope you yourself find it enjoyable and insightful.


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